Medufino honey acacia with white truffles 120 g

14,98 € /pcs (112,50 kn)

Truffle black whole 50 g

22,64 € /pcs (170,00 kn)

Truffle white whole 180 g

68,66 € /pcs (515,63 kn)

Truffle Tartufata white 200 g

22,47 € /pcs (168,75 kn)

Truffle Tartufata 180 g

17,98 € /pcs (135,00 kn)

Olive oil with white truffle flavor 250 ml

25,28 € /pcs (189,84 kn)

Truffle black chopped 180 g

50,77 € /pcs (381,25 kn)

Truffle white chopped 180 g

68,57 € /pcs (515,00 kn)



We are a European country which has managed to perserve its original flora and fauna by avoiding major industrialisation and pollution. In a world of industrial production of food these conditions enable us to offer products of the highest nutricionistic values with natural flavour.

Croatia is a country of recognised geographical diversity, cultural and historic landmarks and perserved nature.

The visitors of our beautifull country will be amazed by a scenic coast, the only of its geographical type, more than a thousand islands, eight national parks and eleven parks of nature.

Explore coastal cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula or continental old towns and castles like Trakošćan or Veliki Tabor in all of which you can see traces of many cultures. In diverse regions of Croatia u will find many farms involved in rural tourism and agroculture which is a great way to get to know local people and costums.

Here you can find food and other products that will bring back your memories of your time spent in Croatia or take you on an interesting adventure in exploring new flavours. Our wish is to deliver these flavours and aromas to your doorstep.