Saltworks Nin

Saltworks Nin

Saltworks Nin

16.10.2018. 19:16:55

For thousands of years salt was being extracted from the and gathered on the shores. Made by sun, water and wind it had an unforgettable flavour and an even better aroma.
The salt made in Nin saltworks  is biodynamic and natural,  many herbs and native animals can be found in its surroundings  because the saltworks is located between  5 large nacional parks (Kornati,Paklenica,Plitvice,Sjeverni Velebit,Krka).

The love for salt was transfered from one generation to another, even the Romans were using that salt to make their meals more delicious . Around the year 1500 the saltworks was closed because of competition from Venetian Republic , at the time the salt was so valuable it was used instead of gold when needed. Even the Roman soldier was payed in salt which was called salarium, that is where the word "salary" comes from.

All the expirience and knowledge accumulated alowed Nin saltworks to continue operating in 2018 and produce many other salt related products. The diversity of animal and plant life combined with  wind, sea and sun give conditions  the flower of salt. While the sea salt gets more dry and falls deeper to the botom, the beautifull light salt leaves float on the surface like silver- white  spider webs. The flower of salt is picked gentley by hand using delicate combs while trying to make as few waves as possible. The flower of salt is a byproduct of algae and microorganisms which is only one of the reasons it is so valuable, the  way it is collected and the conditions required for perserving it add  even more value. The flower of salt is already recognised by many restaurants as an important part of  their offer.

Nin saltworks managed to perserve many old traditional tehniques and tools for gathering salt despite investing a lot in modernisation . To  honour the tradition of collecting salt the Nin saltworks opened The Museum of salt . The museum attracted a lot of attention from the Croats as well as many foreign tourists.

If you wish to explore many flavours of salt you are welcome to start at our webshop.

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