Truffle Days in Istria

28.09.2018. 11:13:59

Truffle Days in Istria are held once again to apriciate a delicacy tuber magnatum or better known as white truffle. This year the festivities will begin on the eight of september in a small Istrian town Livade known for the biggest white truffle ever found weighing 1310g and a record setter in the guinness  book of world records.On second of november in the year 1999 a restaurant owner by the name of Giancarlo Zigante and his dog Dijana found the biggest white truffle and named it Milenium, in its glory a cooper cast was made and now a Milenium made of cooper is  on the display in the shop with original...

Olive cultivation

17.09.2018. 17:21:50

A thousand years old tradition of olive cultivation and expirience in olive oil production gave us the highest quality oil of divine golden colour. Olive oil was always a symbol of health, peace, wealth and prosperity. Recognised quality of olive oil production and natural conditions  for olive growing in Croatia enabled our oil makers to win many rewards for quality. With time many fine restaurants around the world started using olive oil from Croatia and so did many renowned chefs and cooks.Olive oil makers form Croatia managed to win many prizes across fairs and international olive oil competitions o...