Delivery Method and Price

Delivery Method and Price

The Seller is not responsible for delivery delay, or for any problem occurred due to incorrect or inaccurate Consumer information.

The ordered products will be arranged so as to prevent damage during normal handling during transport. The products are insured against loss during delivery.

The Consumer shall verify the correctness of the order upon delivery, and subsequent claims shall not be accepted.

Delivery is made in accordance with the delivery company use conditions, and the delivery is considered as done when the product is given to the delivery company. The delivery price depends on the country and weight of the ordered products and it is shown separately when products are selected in the shopping cart. The price includes VAT.

Ordered products are delivered at your home, building. The delivery person is not obligated to carry the products to your floor/office, only to the entrance. We deliver products in Croatia and the EU according to the countries’ regulations (unless otherwise indicated in the product description). Products are sent through DPD, or another authorised transport company that deals in transport and delivery, selected by the Seller.

During delivery, in addition to the purchased product, the Consumer will receive the invoice and other documents accompanying the product, depending on the product.

When receiving the products, the Consumer has to sign the delivery ticket or delivery note, to be taken by the delivery company as proof of consignment and the product will be regarded as received without any external and internal visible damage, and that the quantity and quality corresponds to the products listed on the invoice, and that all documents have been delivered with the product pursuant to legal regulations.


When accepting the delivered product, the Consumer shall:

  • Verify whether there are any possible external and internal visible damage on the package and/or on the products in the package, and present a claim to the delivery person immediately or refuse to accept the delivered products with visible damage.
  • Open the package in front of the delivery person and compare the delivered products with the delivery note or delivery ticket and invoice, and if any product is missing or products that have not been ordered are delivered, and present a claim to the delivery person immediately or refuse to accept the delivered products.


Pursuant to Article 77, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, the Consumer is liable for any decrease in value of the purchased product, which is caused by handling the purchased product. If the Consumer does not accept the product or refuses to accept the product without a valid reason, the Seller reserves the right to request remuneration of handling costs, transport and other possible costs from the Consumer.

For the above reasons, in case of a refund, the Seller will not be able to refund the purchase and sale price (fully or partially).

The delivery company allows to track the package by a text message or electronic mail service, by sending text messages or e-mails to the User with the status of the package.

The term of delivery in Croatia is 3-5 days except for the islands. For the EU and third countries indicated in the table, the term is 8-10 days following the receipt of the payment for the ordered goods to our transaction account or when the credit card transaction is authorised and approved, and for Bitcoin payment, when Bitcoin is received in the Seller’s Bitcoin wallet, unless otherwise stated for the product, depending on the country of delivery.

We deliver in EU:
Slovenij (SI) Austria (AT) Czech Republic (CZ) Hungary (HU) Germany (DE) Slovakia (SK) Belgium (BE) Denmark (DK) Estonia (EE) France (FR) Ireland (IE) Italiy (IT) Latvia (LV) Lithuania (LT) Luxemburg (LU) Netherlands (NL) Poland (PL) Portugal (PT) Spain (ES) Sweden (SE)  United Kingdom (GB) Bulgaria (BG) Finland (FI) Greece (GR) Romania (RO)

The delivery term does not include:

  • Date of package receipt;
  • Delay due to incorrect or incomplete recipient’s address;
  • Delay due to force majeure or traffic jams not caused by the delivery company;
  • Non-working days and days when packages are not delivered in Croatia, in the EU and in other countries;
  • Time of customs procedure in the country of destination.

The delivery company reserves the right to change the delivery to the islands. Please contact us prior to ordering products to be delivered to the islands.

For Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Switzerland/Liechtenstein and Norway, export customs clearance will not be charged for packages the total value of which is EUR 1.000,00. Additional export customs clearance will be charged for packages the total value of which is over EUR 1.000,00 for:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia         HRK 190.00    not included in the delivery price, the Consumer pays during customs clearance;

Switzerland and Norway                     HRK 270.00 not included in the delivery price, the Consumer pays during customs clearance;

Regardless of the package value, additional export customs clearance will be charged for:

Channel Islands, Ukraine                    HRK 190.00 not included in the delivery price, the Consumer pays during customs clearance;

Standard delivery is not possible to other countries not mentioned above, due to specific legal and customs restrictions. We advise the users to contact us on in order to find a possible way to deliver the products.

Orders shipped outside the EU may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and other fees levied by the destination country. The recipient will be responsible for paying any such charges that are assessed once a package enters the destination country. has no control over these charges and has no way to predict them. Please contact your customs office for more information.