Olive oil soap with pure chamomile and almond oil from Makarska 100 g

Olive oil soap with pure chamomile and almond oil from Makarska 100 g

Manufacturer: Brač fini sapuni

Product code: 46

7,32 € /pcs

(55,00 kn)

Soap with pure camomile and almond oil from Makarska region.
Riviera of Makarska,a part of Middle Dalmatian coast,surrounded by the extensive mountaion of Biokovo,provides a small sunbathing heaven overwhelming with mediterranean plants scents, especially chamomile and almond.Ideal for any type of skin, especially sensitive and irritable skin. Soothes the itching and ruddiness. Good for eczema and herpes. Best for your face and body. Hand made herbal soup without additives and artificial dyes. Contains only pure vegetable oils. Suitable for all skin types.Soothing and relaxing. For face and body care.
Products are very high quality manufactured goods, and are positioned in the premium segment.
All soaps are worked by hand and cut - so any soap is unique Croatian soup. The natural soaps are guaranteed completely renovated and with no preservatives. They contain only oils of plant origin. They are made on the basis of the "Djevičanskog maslinovog ulja s otoka Braca" (natural oil of the island of Brac) and therefore give the skin the feeling of softness. After showering, the use of an additional body lotion is therefore not necessary. Essential oils give each of our soap a specific natural healing power and fragrance of the plant from which it is won. The extraction of essential oils made solely by natural processes. The soap foam is made from specific plants.
The ingredients of soaps are given according to pharmaceutical guidelines and EU standards on packaging. Processed raw materials and finished products made from it are subject to ongoing contractual controls by national laboratories.
BRAC FINI SAPUNI is an exclusive manufacturer of exceptional hand-made soaps, which are made solely on the basis of olive and corn oil and reflect the entire herb world of Croatia. Thus, each island is a typical herb plant, for example, Hvar the lavender, rosemary Brac ...
In Nuremberg BRAC FINI SAPUNI received the bronze medal in 2003, in Geneva in 2004 the silver medal in the category of Innovation. In the souvenir trade fair EXPO 2004 in Opatija KVARNER BRAC FINI SAPUNI reached the second Place for the best souvenir soap with olive oil and essential  oils. Also: Golden Diploma for the best innovation of Dalmatia in 2004; badge "Golden Kuna" for the best innovation in the region of Split-Dalmatia in 2004, the Plitvice lakes, the product has Brač olive oil soap in the category of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, the price CROPAK received in 2004 for best packaging and label of a Croatian product in terms of graphic design and labeling.
BRAC FINI SAPUNI is entitled to declare the products with the logo "Izvorno Hrvatsko" as a protected and tested Croatian product.
The products are protected, registered, coded, and purely Croatian origin. An application for patent protection worldwide and to protect the technology of the product in Geneva, was submitted. As a result, the company received a confirmation that "BRAC FINI SAPUNI" the only company worldwide that kind of Bioseifen (soaps made from natural olive oil) produced.

Made by: Brač Fini Sapuni,Strančica 24,21410 Postira,Brač,Croatia
Country of origin: Croatia
Netto 100 g
Ingredients: glycerin, olivae oleum virginum, glucose, sodium stearate, palm oil, lauryl polyglucose, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, aqua,amygdalae oleum, aetheroleum chamomillae.
Best before:printed on the product.

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