Muštaćoni 150 g

Muštaćoni 150 g

Manufacturer: Pekarnica slastica VILMA

Product code: 13

6,65 € /pcs

(50,00 kn)

Made with fine grated chocolatte, crushed allmonds and cinnamon its a mixture of delightfull flavours. Muštaćoni are a hand made original Rab confectionery whichs recepie was transfered through generations by spoken word and its most important ingredient to day is love

Long lasting cookie with almonds and cinnamon. Net weight 150g
Produced and packed by:Pekarnica slastica Vilma vl.Josip Brna,Banjol 162,Rab
Country of origin: Croatia
Keep in dry and cool place.Best before:printed on the product.
Ingredients:almond 52%,sugar,cacao block 10% (sugar,hardened herbal fat,fat reduced cacao butter 16%,emulgator soy lecithin,aroma) eggs,cinnamon,clove,preservans sorbine acid.

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