Coarse sea salt 750 g BIO

Coarse sea salt 750 g BIO

Manufacturer: Solana Nin d.o.o.

Product code: 18

7,18 € /pcs

(54,00 kn)

BIO organic sea salt, certifitedby bureau veritas. Natural hand harvested salt with natural iodine and without artificial additives used for salting food to grill and marinating meat.

Made by: Solana Nin,Ilirska cesta 7, 23232 Nin, Croatia
Country of origin: Croatia
NET WT 750 g/26,46 oz
Ingredients:NaCl 99,10%,Ca 0,24%,Mg 0,25%,K 0,10%,H2O to 5%,Other minerals 0,31%
Best before:printed on the product,unlimited expiration date.
Store in a dry place. Our salt contains no additives, therefore clumping may occour. Shake salt before use.

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