Terms and Conditions


The definitions within the meaning of these Business Terms and Conditions and Rules of Use have the following meaning:

Terms and Conditions: Business Terms and Conditions and Rules of Use, Intellectual Property, Exemption from Liability and Conditions of Purchase refer to the entire content of www.hipokras.com and form an integral part of the Distance Contract.

Seller: Company MITROWIN d.o.o. (Ltd). for Service, registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb MBS 081095092 holder of all rights – owner www.hipokras.com: web shop owned by the Seller

Visitor: Any person accessing www.hipokras.com through electronic communication devices, without registering or accepting the Terms and Conditions, who freely views the offer.

Consumer: any adult natural or legal person who accepted the Terms and Conditions on www.hipokras.com, and who, after viewing and selecting products and/or services, has registered his/her data and has electronically ordered at least one product and/or service and made the payment. If the data on the Consumer contains information on a legal person, then the legal person shall be regarded as the Consumer, and the natural person whose data has been registered shall be regarded as the Consumer’s authorised person.

User: Visitor and Consumer

Use: access to www.hipokras.com after accepting the Terms and Conditions in order to receive information on its contents and/or place an order and purchase a product and/or service advertised thereon.

Online purchase or web shop: acceptance of the terms and conditions and purchase of a product and/or service through www.hipokras.com.

Products: all goods and/or services indicated on www.hipokras.com, which can be purchased through the web shop by accepting the Terms and Conditions.

Contract: Distance Purchase and Sale Contract entered into by accepting the Terms and Conditions.

You may use www.hipokras.com only for personal, non-commercial purposes, without any usage fees by accepting the Terms and Conditions.


Business Terms and Conditions and Rules of Use


The Terms and Conditions set out the Business Terms and Conditions and Rules of Use for Users and refer to the use of www.hipokras.com, and by using it the users confirm that they are familiar with, and that they accept the Terms and Conditions and that they have fully understood the Terms and Conditions in the language they are written, and that they agree to accept, comply with and use www.hipokras.com in accordance therewith. The User undertakes not to use www.hipokras com in any way contrary to legal regulations. We advise Users to read these Terms and Conditions prior to the purchase, and to check them regularly in order to be familiar with all rights and obligations. If the users do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, the Seller advises them not to use the Internet site www.hipokras.com for any purpose.


The right to Use is the personal right of the User and cannot be transferred to other natural or legal persons in any way, and the Users are not authorised to report other natural or legal persons.



Users undertake not to:

- Use communication services for pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk mail, spam or any other form of multiple sending of commercial or other content;

- Harass, jeopardise, insult, threaten, deceive or violate the rights of other users or our and other communication services in any way;

- Publish and distribute inappropriate, vulgar, explicit or illegal content, upload or divulge content protected by copyright;

- Upload files that contain viruses, worms, trojans or any other malware;

- Falsely represent oneself with the purpose of fraud or deception of other users, or create multiple profiles;

- Suggest any official connection to www.hipokras.com;

- Breach the Terms and Conditions in any way.

The Seller may terminate the business relationship with any of its Users at any time, and cancel his/her passwords or user accounts. In such cases the validity of the terms and conditions referring to the User’s liability and obligations shall not cease.


Intellectual Property

The content and www.hipokras.com are protected and owned by the Seller. The logo, materials, texts, all images, i.e. the entire content are property of the Seller, and shall not be used in any way whatsoever without the prior written request and written approval of the owner.

Content changes on www.hipokras.com, as well as copying, public exhibition, use on other websites or stores, etc., are strictly forbidden in any form.

The Seller reserves the right to give the rights for the publication of any material, parts of www.hipokras.com to third parties, only if entering into a written contract regulating the rights and obligations of the Seller and third party that is publishing the information.


Exemption from Liability

The Seller is pursuing all efforts to ensure the compliance of all data published on www.hipokras.com and that such data are up to date. Despite that, the products’ characteristics, their warehouse availability and prices can change so quickly that the Seller is unable to update the information on time at www.hipokras.com. In such cases, the Seller shall notify the Consumer as soon as possible of such changes and give him/her the possibility to cancel the order or replace the ordered product.

The User agrees and acknowledges that the access to and the use of www.hipokras.com can be interrupted at times, that it can be temporarily unavailable or closed and that events out of the Seller’s control may occur, and accepts that the Seller is not responsible for any data loss occurred during the transfer on information on the Internet.

The Seller reserves the right at any time, without previous announcement and notice to the Users, cancel or change the content of the Terms and Conditions, the range of products, product prices, prices, method, terms of delivery, payment methods, claims and return of products, statement, the entire content and appearance of www.hipokras.com. Therefore, before each use of www.hipokras.com, the Users must check the content of the Terms and Conditions. Acting to the contrary exempts the Seller from any liability. The aforementioned changes shall come into force upon their publication on www.hipokras.com.

The User shall be solely liable for the use of www.hipokras.com. The Seller is exempt from any liability for damages that could occur on devices that enable the access to www.hipokras.com and the data stored on such devices during use of www.hipokras.com, due to illegal actions made by third parties, computer viruses, interruption of the communication line, unauthorised access, inappropriate behaviour, negligence and similar, and other cases not attributable to the Seller. The Seller shall not be liable for telephone, Internet expenses or any other expenses for the use of www.hipokras.com.

The Seller fully waives any liability for the accuracy and/or completeness of all information and contents on www.hipokras.com.

www.hipokras.com reserves the right to errors in descriptions and photographs of products published according to the manufacturer’s information.

The Seller uploads all content in good faith in order to facilitate the selection for the Consumer during his/her purchases on www.hipokras.com and does not guarantee that the photographs of the products fully correspond to the appearance and content of the product. The photographs of products published on www.hipokras.com are for illustration purposes only. Considering the possibility to individually adjust the monitor on the computer or mobile phone, the differences in colour perception by the human eye and similar variables, the Seller does not guarantee the full conformity of colours of the delivered products with the colours seen by the Consumer on the display of his/her monitor. Differences between the actual product and the photograph of the product, and of the product described on this website are possible, if the manufacturer changes any of the characteristics or content of the product. All descriptions are checked regularly and in detail.

We are not liable for possible unintentional errors in product descriptions and images, but we try to be as precise and correct as possible. In cases of differences between the product shown in the photograph and the delivered product, this shall not constitute a product defect and is not the basis for product return.


While all measures are taken to ensure that information on the products published on www.hipokras.com are correct, sometimes the content, quantity of ingredients as well as the nutritive value and allergens in the products may change. For that reason, prior to consummation, please read the label, i.e. the product declaration, and we do not recommend that you rely only on the information published on www.hipokras.com. Users shall be one hundred percent liable for the evaluation of correctness, quality and usefulness of any information and content on www.hipokras.com. The manufacturer is solely liable for correct information, quantity and quality of products.

Minors under 16 years of age are not allowed to use www.hipokras.com. The Seller does not collect or retain information of persons under the age of 16, therefore neither section of www.hipokras.com is designed to recruit persons under the age of 16.

During the purchase of any product subject to copyright or intellectual property, the Seller does not give any additional rights of use or publication, except the expressly given right or permission by the manufacturer/distributer of the product.

When “www.hipokras.com” allows the possibility to access other third-party websites, through links, such websites are not property of the Seller and the Terms and Conditions for the use of such websites do not apply to the Seller or the User. The Seller of such website does not control and is not liable for any such website or the content thereof. The access to such websites is fully at the risk of the User, and the Seller shall not bear any liability.

The Seller reserves the right to publish content in English in the following cases:

a) if it refers to the name of the product, parts thereof or functions in English;

b) if it refers to expressions in English, which are widely accepted in Croatian, i.e. if the terminology is common;

c) if there is risk that important information cannot be translated in Croatian precisely enough, without losing its meaning and sense.



The procedure and the terms and conditions of purchase/sale through www.hipokras.com are defined through: registration, ordering, entering into, duration and termination of the sale contract, purchase, prices, payment method, payment security statement, method and price of delivery, claims and return of products, right of withdrawal from purchase and return of goods, data protection and confidentiality statement, cookie policy, complaints and disputes.



In order to register on www.hipokras.com you have to be an adult with full legal capacity. The User shall be liable for the accuracy and completeness of data entered during registration.

Registration and user account are meant for one person only. The User shall keep data on his/her safety password and user account and shall not disclose registration or user account data to third parties. The use of registration or user accounts of others is not permitted. The User is liable for the abuse or unauthorised use of his/her safety password and user account.

In case of any changes to the data that you entered during registration, you must update your user account immediately in order to notify us of the occurred changes.

When ordering products and/or services and online shopping for the first time, you have to register on www.hipokras.com. By registering the User confirms:

- That he/she fully accepts these Terms and Conditions;

- The complete, accurate, true and updated personal information for natural and legal persons, and has to enter a valid e-mail address (the one you have access to) in order for us to send you the confirmation of the order, after you have entered the data necessary for the delivery (correct name and surname of the package recipient or the full and correct name of the company that receives the package, the VAT number of the company, street, house number, place, country, telephone or mobile phone number with the country calling code, the correct e-mail address of the package recipient);

- You give the Seller your express approval to process the given personal data for the purposes indicated in the section Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement, pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

After a successful registration (all requested data filled out correctly) a notice on successful registration shall be sent the Consumer’s e-mail.

Orders, entering into, duration and termination of the Sale Contract

The subject and commercial purpose of the Contract is the purchase of a product or service selected on www.hipokras.com, according to the Terms and Conditions, with the payment of the appropriate fee – price for such product or service. The Contract is entered through distance communication means (Distance Contract) through: Internet orders-web shops, printed advertising with purchase order, telephone with human mediation.

The conditions of purchase form an integral part of the Contract together with the specification and the price/s of the purchased product(s)/service(s), and prior to the confirmation of the order to purchase any product, the Consumer will be requested to accept them/declare that he/she is familiar with/agrees on them, and following the confirmation of the order (entering into the Contract) the above will be delivered to the Consumer as content of an e-mail message confirming that the Contract was entered into.


Only products that are stated as available in the order may be ordered. Due to a large number of orders made at the same time on www.hipokras.com, the information on the availability of a product may not correspond to the availability in the warehouse. The products are ordered through a shopping cart and cannot be cancelled.

The Contract entered into between the Consumer and the Seller is an one-off Distance contract, executed by the payment made by the Consumer and the delivery of the product.


For larger orders and B2B, contact us at e-mail  info@hipokras.com



The product you wish to purchase is selected by adding it to the “shopping cart” by clicking on the link “shopping cart”. If a Consumer purchases a product that has been sold in the meantime, the Seller will contact the Consumer to agree on further steps (purchase of another product, delivery of a product of the same kind when the Seller acquires it from its suppliers or return of the paid amount). In addition to the above obligation, the Seller is not liable to the Consumer in such cases on any basis whatsoever.


The “shopping cart” contains all selected products that the Consumer wishes to purchase, together with the product price and delivery price, as well as the full price (VAT included.). If the Consumer wishes to continue with the purchase, he/she has to click on the link “Purchase” and the system will automatically guide him/her to the page “Order” where the following has to be filled out:

  1. Selection of purchase method;
  2. Payment information;
  3. Delivery information;
  4. Delivery method;
  5. Data on payment;
  6. Order viewing.

In case of an error during the electronic processing of the order, the User will see the message “Error”. In this case, the order is not regarded as complete.




The Seller undertakes to clearly, visibly and legibly show the retail price.

Prices are retail prices, expressed in HRK and EUR with VAT.

The product contains the information whether the delivery for such product is free of charge. For products that are not delivered free of charge, the costs of delivery shall be additionally calculated according to the delivery calculator and will be visible prior to the final payment in HRK and EUR with VAT.



Conversion Statement (for purchases from abroad)

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian Kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.


As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.


If the prices should change, all ordered goods will be delivered according to the prices that were in force when the order was completed. The price of each product is defined for each product individually. The process or registering prices on the website is a highly-controlled process, but the registration of prices requires human factor and implies the possibility of an error. All prices are valid for purchasing on www.hipokras.com.

The Seller is authorised to change the prices without giving a prior notice on www.hipokras.com.

The Seller is authorised at any time, without giving a prior notice, to define discounts, weekly special offers, special offers for single products, for a group of products and/or for all products. When the Seller decides to put a special offer price on certain products, which price is lower than the price of such products in regular sale, the Seller undertakes to indicate it clearly, visibly and legibly and to indicate the duration of such special offer.

After the expiry of the special offer sale, the Seller will not receive orders under the conditions that refer to the special offer the term of which has expired. If your order contains articles that are currently on sale, there may be differences in prices of articles on sale if the term of delivery comes after the date of the special offer expiry.


All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian Kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.


Payment methods:

Single payment

  • All bank cards: American Express, Diners, Maestro, Visa, VisaElectron and vPay, MasterCard and Discover card;
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin

When payment is made with credit and debit cards, the payment authorisation is automatic. The Seller bears all handling fees for the authorisation of the credit/debit card of the user. If the payment authorisation is unsuccessful, the purchase procedure is suspended.

The Seller does not record or store the User’s transactional information, necessary for card payment. To charge your credit card, the Seller uses third-party services, which protects your data by encryption.

  • Credit transfer or general payment slip.

e-banking, credit transfer or general payment slip, based on the order the validity of which is indicated in the e-mail message that confirms that the contract was entered into, unless otherwise stated for articles on sale due to limited quantity thereof. If you wish the same product after this period, you have to order it again.

You will receive the order containing all payment information to your e-mail address.

Each of the above payment methods may contain a fee prescribed by the payment point terms and conditions. Such fee will be charged to the payer and will not be refunded by the Seller.

The following information has to be filled out on the credit transfer or payment slip:


MITROWIN d.o.o.  WEB SHOP (PJ 1) Bilogorska 12, HR-10000 Zagreb


Erste&Steiermärkische Bank



Payment description: payment of order number:
Reference number: model 00

Amount: “Order amount” 

For all additional information – CONTACT MOBILE PHONE: +385 959113911

And: info@hipokras.com

Monday to Friday from 09 a.m. do 05 p.m.

For a quicker processing and delivery order, please send us an e-mail with the proof of payment on info@hipokras.com.

Payment will be considered as done when the card issuer’s authorisation is received, the proof of payment on the transaction account is received when direct payment is made or when we receive Bitcoin in the Seller’s Bitcoin wallet.

Upon receipt of payment, we will send you the ordered products.


The invoice will be enclosed to the package (or one of the packages if the products are delivered in more than one package), unless the delivery address is different from the Consumer’s address. In that case the invoice will be sent to the Consumer’s e-mail address.

Securityof Online Payments

Whileconductingpayments on our web shop you are usingCorvusPay – anadvanced system for secureacceptanceofcreditcards on the Internet.

CorvusPayensurescompleteprivacyofyourcreditcard data fromthe moment youtypethemintotheCorvusPaypaymentform. Data required for billingisforwardedencryptedfromyour web browser to thebankthatissuedyourpaymentcard. Ourstorenevercomesintocontactwithyoursensitivepaymentcard data. Similarly, CorvusPayoperatorscannotaccessyourcompletecardholder data. Anisolated system coreindependentlytransmitsandmanagessensitive data while at the same time keepingitcompletelysafe.

Theform for enteringpayment data issecuredbyan SSL transmissioncipherofthegreatestreliability. All stored data isadditionallyprotectedby hi-grade encryption, using hardware devicescertifiedby FIPS 140 2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPayfulfillsalloftherequirements for safe online paymentprescribedbytheleadingcreditcardbrands, operatingincompliance to the PCI DSS Level 1 standard - thehighestsecurity standard ofthepaymentcardindustry. Paymentsmadebycardsenroledwiththe 3-D Secure program are furtherauthenticatedbytheissuingbank, confirmingyouridentitythroughthe use of a tokenor a password.

All informationcollectedbyCorvus Info isconsidered a bankingsecretandtreatedaccordingly. Theinformationisusedexclusively for thepurposes for whichtheywereintended. Yoursensitive data isfullysecureandit’sprivacyisguaranteedbythestateofthe art safeguardmechanisms. Wecollectonlythe data necessary for performingtheworkinaccordancewiththedemandingprescribedprocedures for online payment.

Security controls and operating procedures applied within the CorvusPay infrastructure not only ensure current reliability of CorvusPay but permanently maintain and enhance the security levels of protecting your credit card information by maintaining strict access controls, regular security and in-depth system checks for preventing network vulnerabilities.  Thank you for using CorvusPay!

Delivery Method and Price

The Seller is not responsible for delivery delay, or for any problem occurred due to incorrect or inaccurate Consumer information.

The ordered products will be arranged so as to prevent damage during normal handling during transport. The products are insured against loss during delivery.

The Consumer shall verify the correctness of the order upon delivery, and subsequent claims shall not be accepted.

Delivery is made in accordance with the delivery company use conditions, and the delivery is considered as done when the product is given to the delivery company. The delivery price depends on the country and weight of the ordered products and it is shown separately when products are selected in the shopping cart. The price includes VAT.

Ordered products are delivered at your home, building. The delivery person is not obligated to carry the products to your floor/office, only to the entrance. We deliver products in Croatia and the EU according to the countries’ regulations (unless otherwise indicated in the product description). Products are sent through DPD, or another authorised transport company that deals in transport and delivery, selected by the Seller.

During delivery, in addition to the purchased product, the Consumer will receive the invoice and other documents accompanying the product, depending on the product.

When receiving the products, the Consumer has to sign the delivery ticket or delivery note, to be taken by the delivery company as proof of consignment and the product will be regarded as received without any external and internal visible damage, and that the quantity and quality corresponds to the products listed on the invoice, and that all documents have been delivered with the product pursuant to legal regulations.


When accepting the delivered product, the Consumer shall:

  • Verify whether there are any possible external and internal visible damage on the package and/or on the products in the package, and present a claim to the delivery person immediately or refuse to accept the delivered products with visible damage.
  • Open the package in front of the delivery person and compare the delivered products with the delivery note or delivery ticket and invoice, and if any product is missing or products that have not been ordered are delivered, and present a claim to the delivery person immediately or refuse to accept the delivered products.


Pursuant to Article 77, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, the Consumer is liable for any decrease in value of the purchased product, which is caused by handling the purchased product. If the Consumer does not accept the product or refuses to accept the product without a valid reason, the Seller reserves the right to request remuneration of handling costs, transport and other possible costs from the Consumer.

For the above reasons, in case of a refund, the Seller will not be able to refund the purchase and sale price (fully or partially).

The delivery company allows to track the package by a text message or electronic mail service, by sending text messages or e-mails to the User with the status of the package.

The term of delivery in Croatia is 3-5 days except for the islands. For the EU and third countries indicated in the table, the term is 8-10 days following the receipt of the payment for the ordered goods to our transaction account or when the credit card transaction is authorised and approved, and for Bitcoin payment, when Bitcoin is received in the Seller’s Bitcoin wallet, unless otherwise stated for the product, depending on the country of delivery.

We deliver in EU:
Slovenij (SI) Austria (AT) Czech Republic (CZ) Hungary (HU) Germany (DE) Slovakia (SK) Belgium (BE) Denmark (DK) Estonia (EE) France (FR) Ireland (IE) Italiy (IT) Latvia (LV) Lithuania (LT) Luxemburg (LU) Netherlands (NL) Poland (PL) Portugal (PT) Spain (ES) Sweden (SE)  United Kingdom (GB) Bulgaria (BG) Finland (FI) Greece (GR) Romania (RO)

The delivery term does not include:

  • Date of package receipt;
  • Delay due to incorrect or incomplete recipient’s address;
  • Delay due to force majeure or traffic jams not caused by the delivery company;
  • Non-working days and days when packages are not delivered in Croatia, in the EU and in other countries;
  • Time of customs procedure in the country of destination.

The delivery company reserves the right to change the delivery to the islands. Please contact us prior to ordering products to be delivered to the islands.

For Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Switzerland/Liechtenstein and Norway, export customs clearance will not be charged for packages the total value of which is EUR 1.000,00. Additional export customs clearance will be charged for packages the total value of which is over EUR 1.000,00 for:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia         HRK 190.00    not included in the delivery price, the Consumer pays during customs clearance;

Switzerland and Norway                     HRK 270.00 not included in the delivery price, the Consumer pays during customs clearance;

Regardless of the package value, additional export customs clearance will be charged for:

Channel Islands, Ukraine                    HRK 190.00 not included in the delivery price, the Consumer pays during customs clearance;

Standard delivery is not possible to other countries not mentioned above, due to specific legal and customs restrictions. We advise the users to contact us on info@hipokras.com in order to find a possible way to deliver the products.

Orders shipped outside the EU may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and other fees levied by the destination country. The recipient will be responsible for paying any such charges that are assessed once a package enters the destination country. www.hipokras.com has no control over these charges and has no way to predict them. Please contact your customs office for more information.

Claims and Return of Products

Please read the rules of delivery and acceptance of products from the delivery person in the section Delivery Method and Price, in order to avoid unjustified claims.

In case of a claim, please contact us within two days after receiving the package. In case of returns of products, the Consumer must send a justified claim by e-mail to info@hipokras, in writing to  Mitrowin d.o.o. Bilogorska 12, 10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia or by calling the number +385 95 9113911. In order to determine the concrete claim as soon as possible, we ask the customers to indicate the order number, the invoice number and their personal information. The Seller will confirm the receipt of the claim in writing without delay. Pursuant to Art. 10, para. 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, the answer must be given within 15 (fifteen) business days following the receipt of the claim. The claim will not be processed without the order number, the invoice number and the customer’s personal information. If the claim is found to be justified, without the Consumer affecting the functionality, damage or any defect on the product or package, the Seller will fully bear all the costs of returning the product through a delivery company and replacing it with a new product. The Consumer shall return the complete products, as delivered to him/her in the original packaging – commercial and delivery packaging within eight days. All markings that show that the products were not used or damages shall not be removed or damaged. The Consumer is entitled to a claim and return of products in the following cases:

  • Delivery of goods that were not ordered;
  • Delivery of goods with defects or damage, not caused during transport;
  • Delivery of goods after their expiration date.

If a product has a hidden defect (which could not be discovered during examination upon delivery), determined by the Consumer after opening the package – the Consumer is entitled to a unilateral contract termination and product replacement, defect remedy, price decrease or refund.

The Seller determines the conditions of return – percentages of amount deduction to be refunded to the Consumer following the product’s decrease in value.

1.         Percentage of amount deduction to be refunded considering the condition of the original packaging of the returned product:

Condition of the packaging
                                 Intact packaging     Damaged packaging     Without the original packaging
                                               0%                                10%                                20%

Food, cosmetics and other sealed products which, due to health or hygiene reasons are not suitable for return: No return in accordance with the law.

2.         Percentage of amount deduction to be refunded considering the condition of the returned product:

Condition of the product

Product in the original package:   0%

Opened, used, damaged product: 100%

Food, cosmetics and other sealed products which, due to health or hygiene reasons are not suitable for return: No return in accordance with the law.

Notices on the status and method of resolving the claim for the returned product (product replacement, defect remedy, price reduction or refund shall be the same as the payment was made) will be sent to the Consumer by e-mail within 10 days following the delivery of the returned product to the Seller.

The Consumer must confirm the approval of the status and method of resolving the claim in writing. After the receipt of the written confirmation on the approval of the status and method of resolving the Consumer’s claim, the Seller will proceed to resolve it within 10 days.

If the Seller undoubtedly determines that the product claim is unjustified or that the defect on the ordered product is caused by incorrect handling, installation or use, the Seller is not obligated to refund the amount or to deliver a replacement product. The product for which a claim was presented will be returned to the user at his/her own cost, accompanied by a written explanation why the return or replacement request was not accepted.

The Seller will take all necessary steps to amicably resolve the possible dispute in accordance with good commercial practice.

Under special Regulation of the European Union of 15 February 2016, in all EU it will be possible to resolve online dispute resolutions for consumer disputes through an ODR platform, which you can access here.

That means that if you encounter a problem during online shopping and you cannot resolve it amicably with the Seller (defective product, inability to replace the product, etc.) you can file your complaint by clicking on OnlineDisputeResolution (ODR) European Commission official website.

Right of Withdrawal from Purchase and Return of Goods 

The Consumer is entitled, without indicating the reason why, to unilaterally terminate the sale and purchase agreement entered into through www.hipokras.com within 14 days from the day when he/she or the person appointed by him/her in writing, which is not the transport company, received the Product for each separate package.

If the consumer ordered more than one piece of product in one order, which have to be delivered separately, i.e. if it is a product that is delivered in several parts or several packages, the term starts on the day when the consumer or third party appointed by the consumer, which is not the transport company, has received the last part or the last package of the goods.

The Consumer is not entitled to unilateral contract termination if:

  • The subject matter of the contract is a sealed product which, due to health or hygiene reasons are not suitable for return;
  • The subject matter of the contract is a product which after the delivery, due to it nature, cannot be separated from other items;
  • The subject matter of the contract is a perishable product or a near expiry date product;
  • The subject matter of the contract is the delivery of food and beverages;
  • The subject matter of the contract is a product custom made for the Customer or clearly adjusted to the Customer.

The Consumer may do this by sending an unambiguous written statement to the Seller’s e-mail address, indicated in the electronic order confirmation, where he/she will indicate his/her name and surname, for companies the correct company name, company PIN, address, telephone number or e-mail address and information on the invoice and ordered or received product.


The Seller shall deliver to the Consumer a confirmation of receipt of the contract termination statement without delay. If the Consumer terminates the contract, the Seller will return the Consumer the entire paid amount within 14 days following the date of receipt of the contract termination statement by the Consumer at the latest, including the costs of delivery in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein, if such amount was paid, in the same manner the payment was made. The refund will be made only after the Seller has received the product at the address indicated in the invoice. The Consumer shall bear direct costs of the return of goods.

The Consumer shall, without undue delay, and through the delivery company, return the products to the Seller, together with the invoice, at the latest within 14 days following the date the unilateral contract decision was sent. The Consumer’s obligation shall be regarded as timely if the products were sent to the Seller prior to the expiry of the aforementioned deadline.

Returned products must be unused, undamaged and in an unopened original, undamaged transport package with the entire content of the package with the attached copy of the invoice. The Consumer is liable for any product value reduction, caused by product handling.

If the products returned by the Consumer are damaged, or are not suitable for further sale, are not accompanied by documentation or are not returned within 14 days, the Seller is not obligated to accept such products. If the product value reduction is caused by product handling, the Seller will not return the total paid amount to the Consumer or make any replacements.


Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement

All the activities of controller MITROWIN d.o.o, VAT ID (OIB) HR27458869506, Bilogorska 12, Zagreb on the Internet are in accordance with the Act on Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (OG NN 42/2018) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council (GDPR).

This Confidentiality Statement refers to the confidentiality and personal data protection given to us by your consent, voluntarily, and which are collected and stored in the Seller’s databases.

The Seller may amend this Confidentiality Statement at any time by publishing the amended text on www.hipokras.com. The amendment to the Data Confidentiality Statement shall come into force immediately following its publication on www.hipokras.com.


Personal data may be collected as follows:

In general, you may visit our website without disclosing your personal data. We do not collect your personal data (such as your name and contact details) when you visit this website, unless you give us your consent, voluntarily after the registration when you send us your data through one of the available forms for a certain purpose (contact form, registration form, shopping form, newsletter registration form) and thereby give us your consent to collect, process, use and transfer your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. All personal data is used only for the purposes they are collected for and for which your consent was given. Persons of and over the age of 16 may give their consent, while the consent for persons under 16 may be given by a parent or guardian. All data are erased after the termination of the purpose for which they are collected, i.e. after the expiry of the contractual relationship, at the latest upon expiry of all legal obligations regarding the storage of personal data.

  • When you participate in our sweepstakes, promotions, for the purposes of addressing printed advertising materials;
  • If you report a problem regarding our website;
  • If you deliver your personal data as part of a poll;
  • When purchasing items through the web shop without registration (shopping as a “guest”);
  • When ordering items by e-mail or telephone;
  • When you visit our website, we may collect data on traffic, location and other communication data.

Only adults and persons with full legal capacity can be Consumers. Contracts may be entered into on behalf of minors or persons without full legal capacity only by their legal guardians, and persons with partial legal capacity may enter into the contract only with the approval of their legal guardian. The Seller shall not be liable for any actions contrary to this provision.

We collect the following personal data:

  • If you are only viewing our website, we only collect cookies;
  • If you are ordering though our web shop without registering, or by e-mail or telephone, then we collect the following personal data: name and surname, address, city, e-mail, telephone, and we store them from the date of purchase until revocation by the user, and only in order to fulfil our contractual obligations (e.g. product delivery, claim procedure, etc.) and to contact you as part of our customer support service;
  • If you register and make a profile on the web shop, then we collect the following personal data: name and surname, address, city, e-mail, telephone, and we store them from the date of purchase until revocation by the user. In addition to providing you with a better customer service, you also have the possibility to participate in our loyalty programme where you receive different promotions, discounts, etc.

By accepting the option “I accept the conditions of use” during registration, the Consumer gives his/her consent, and personal approval for the collection, use, processing and transfer of their personal data necessary to use the website, including (but not limited to):

  • The consent that the Seller may, pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, collect the given personal data for the purpose of its records and statistics, for the purpose of creating a consumer data base, notifying about products and services, for the purposes of giving notices on delivery, for the purposes of sending promotional materials, improving customer relations and improving services;
  • The need to better examine and understand individual needs and requirements of users as well as develop the possibility of a better provision of all Seller’s services, the result of which is the increase of user satisfaction;
  • The consent given so that the Seller may address the user in writing, by telephone, text message and/or e-email, and deliver materials on their home address to inform him/her on the promotions and novelties in the offer;
  • Giving data to third parties necessary to provide services;
  • Your personal data is protected pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and we shall not make them available to third legal or natural person in any way. Necessary personal data are available only to the employees who require such data to perform their work activities. All our employees and business partners shall comply with the privacy protection principles;
  • The aforementioned excludes examination by the authorities in the Republic of Croatia, for the purposes of investigations based on a valid court order, for the purpose of providing the service, protecting the users’ and Seller’s interests and preventing possible abuse.
  • Personal data may be shared with:

CorvusPay – for the purposes of online authorisation of credit and debit card, we use the service CorvusPay, and their system fully prevents access to data by unauthorised persons during the purchase procedure, so the card number used to make the payment is visible only to the card company and the card owner. If during the payment process you chose to pay with a card, we will ask for your approval to deliver your name, surname, address, card number, card expiry date and control number to the card company, and will take the steps necessary to ensure that they treat your personal data with due care and in accordance with the law. See under Payment Security Statement.

Google Analytics – tool for the collection of anonymous data on our website users, which collects data on how often users visit our website, which sites are visited, when they are visited, for how long and from which country, etc., by using cookies and IP addresses, for the following purposes:

  • To improve the user experience;
  • To track the success of marketing campaigns;
  • To analyse behaviour patterns.


Delivery companies – We hire third-party authorised transport companies for the transport and delivery of purchased goods.

Hosting services - IT company that uses servers verified by certified experts: IT company – ICT infrastruktura.


Personal Data Storage Time

The Seller will store personal data for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes. Upon expiry of such term, personal data will be destroyed, erased or anonymised in a manner that ensures the safety of such personal data.

When giving their personal information, Customers guarantee that the data is complete, true, correct and updated.

The user, data subject, has the following rights regarding his/her personal data:

Right to information: provision of information during personal data collection


Access to data: receive a confirmation whether personal data concerning the consumer are being processed


Right to rectification: the data subject is entitled to request rectification, modification or update of inaccurate or non-updated personal data.

The user has the possibility to access and change personal data by sending an e-mail to info@hipokras.com. In this e-mail, the Consumer must indicate his/her name and surname, for companies, the correct company name, name and surname of the person authorised to represent the company, PIN, address and e-mail address, and which data he/she wishes to update.

Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”): the data subject is entitled to obtain erasure of personal data concerning him/her without undue delay. By selecting the option to erase their personal data, Users accept that the access to certain contents on the website will be disabled.

Right to restriction of processing: in certain situations.


Right to data portability: The data subject shall have the right to receive the personal data concerning him or her, which he or she has provided to a controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller without hindrance from the controller to which the personal data have been provided, where the processing is carried out by automated means or is based on consent or on a contract.


Right to object: to the processing of personal data.


Right to object to automated individual decision-making (profiling)

The data subject shall have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning him or her or similarly significantly affects him or her, unless such decision is necessary for entering into, or performance of, a contract between the data subject and a data controller; is authorised by Union or Member State law to which the controller is subject and which also lays down suitable measures to safeguard the data subject's rights and freedoms and legitimate interests or is based on the data subject's explicit consent.


You have the right to report to the supervisory authority the Personal Data Protection Agency. Data on how to protect your rights before the supervisory authority are available here.
For all questions and requests, also regarding personal data protection, you can contact us with the contact form to our e-mail address.

The Seller will not be liable for unintentional errors or errors caused by force majeure or other objective circumstances, which may cause an unintentional infringement of the guaranteed protection of the Consumer’s, data subject personal data, but the Seller guarantees that such error will be remedied, as soon as possible, if such remedy is possible.

The Seller shall ensure that the Consumer’s personal data are safely stored (which includes reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection in order to prevent unauthorised use, access, disclosure, copying or modification of personal data), which only Seller’s authorised personnel may access.

The Seller cannot guarantee that the data on the Internet site will be free of errors. If there are any errors, please report it to us, in order for us to remove it as soon as possible. Also, if the Seller finds such reported error as correct, in good faith, the Seller may erase or change such error.


The Seller takes data protection very seriously and will take all maximum safety measures in order to prevent abuse of your personal data or access to unauthorised persons. Unfortunately, data transfers through the Internet or through any wireless network cannot be 100% safe. As a result of that, even though the Seller carries out commercially reasonable protective and safety measures for data, the Seller cannot guarantee the protection of any information transferred to or from www.hipokras.com and is not liable for the actions of third parties receiving such information.


Cookie Policy


In order for www.hipokras.com to function properly, it must download a small quantity of information (Cookies) to the user’s computer. According to EU regulation, before saving cookies, the Seller must request the user’s consent. By using www.hipokras.com the user accepts the use of cookies.


By disabling cookies, the user decides whether to allow the download of cookies on their computer. Cookies settings can be controlled and configured in the web browser used by the user to browse www.hipokras.com. If the user disables cookies, there is a possibility that he/she could not use some of the functionalities provided by www.hipokras.com.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to recognise users when they visit the website again, and save your settings and the website settings. Cookies may save a wide range of information. This information may be stored only if the user allows it – websites cannot have access to information that the user hasn’t given them and cannot access other files on the user’s computer. Please note that the persons behind such information are not being identified and their personal data is not being collected.

2. How can I disable cookies?

By disabling cookies, you decide whether you will allow the cookies to be stored on your computer. Cookies settings can be controlled and configured on your Internet browser. For further information on cookies settings, chose the web browser you use: Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer - Opera - Safari.
When cookies are disabled, you can still browse our website, but this blocking may prevent you from fully using some of our website’s functions.

3. What is a persistent cookie?

A persistent cookie is a cookie stored on the computer and stays on it after the Internet browser is closed. These cookies allow websites to store data in order to facilitate your use, such as registration information (name and password) so you do not have to register every time you visit a website.

Persistent cookies will be stored on the computer for days, months or years.

4. What is a session cookie?

Session cookies are erased from the computer when the Internet browser is closed. Session cookies allow websites to store temporary data such as the shopping cart contents.

5. What is a local cookie or first party cookie?


First party cookies come from the web location from which the user is browsing, and they can be persistent or session cookies. They allow the storage of information that will be used again during the next visit to that web location.

6. What is a third-party cookie?

Third-party cookies derive from other, partner web-locations which found on the web-location which the user is viewing, such as advertisements. Such cookies allow the collection of user data for marketing and analytical purposes.

7. Does www.hipokras.com use cookies?

Yes, with the main goal of providing a better user experience on our website.

8. What kind of cookies does www.hipokras.com use and why?

Session cookies – cookies are erased from the computer when the Internet browser is closed. Persistent cookies – cookies stored on the computer, remaining there after the Internet browser is closed, or you can erase them manually.

9. Are there third-party cookies on the website?

There are a few external services that store limited cookies for the user. Such cookies are not placed by this website, but are used for the normal functioning of certain functions, which facilitate user access to content. We are currently using:

a) Social media 
E.g. articles sharing on social media sets up user cookies.

b) Visits per page

www.hipokras.com uses several services to measure the number of visits. These are: Google Analytics. If you wish to prevent such services to save cookies, you can disable each service on the following links: Google Analytics - https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout 

Additional information to disable cookies

You can find instructions on how to disable stored cookies on:



Additional information on cookies are available on the following links:





Complaints and Disputes

These Terms and Conditions are made pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Consumers may send complaints to the Seller’s addresses in writing, by post or e-mail as indicated in the Seller’s list.

The Seller will confirm the receipt of the complaint without delay, and will notify the consumer on the time of its processing and will inform him/her in a timely manner on the course of the procedure and will respond to it within 15 days from the date of receipt thereof at the latest.

The Seller and the Consumer will pursue all effort to resolve their disputes amicably, and if that is not possible, the Consumer may file a report to the Court of Honour of the Croatian Chamber of Economy or file a motion for mediation to the authorised Mediation Centres. The proceedings before the courts of honour will be conducted in accordance with the Ordinance on the Court of Honour of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, and before the mediation centres, in accordance with the Ordinance on Mediation of the selected Mediation Centre. In case of a dispute before a court, the subject-matter jurisdiction court will be the court where the Seller’s registered office is located.