Cheese from the Island of Pag

Cheese from the Island of Pag

Cheese from the Island of Pag

08.10.2018. 20:32:20

In year  2002, when Gligora Dairy won its first prize for wining the best sheep-milk cheese with its Island of Pag cheese in  Franciacorta in Bianco fair its owner and founder Ivan Gligora knew he was on the right track.

The year before his Island of Pag cheese came third at the Castegant fair in the region of Brescia in Italy and it was the first sign he can go toe to toe with the best cheese makers  in the world.

A small diary called Sirena form the village of Kolan on the Island of Pag won bronze medal competing with well known best cheese makers like su Regiano Parmegano,Grana Padano i Pecorno.

Ivan Gligoras idea was starting to come alive.
Ivan Gligora is a talented poet, a hardwoking man with ambition , an agricultural engineer with a degree from the Milk centre in Kranj in Slovenia  and now he is making big steps and seting new standards in the production of  cheese.

As a younger man he worked in a diary in Zadar where he acumulated valuable expirience. Unsatisfied with normal production processes, he  decided to upgrade them and start making his own brand. He was aware it wasnt going to be easy but he wanted to achieve his American dream in a Croatian way.

He proved that hard work , good ideas and ambition  combined with vision , love and knowledge can  lift his comunity, family and buisnes on a higher  level despite dealing with harsh environment and  other problems.

Since year 2002 Gligora Diary won many prizes not letting even one year go by without wining atlest one world renowned competition.

This year, in London  at Great Taste 2018 competition 3 Gligora cheeses were recognised as the products of highest quality. Island of Pag cheese and Kozlar cheese are won 2 stars each and Kolan cheese won  1 star. Great Taste in organisation with Guild of Fine food - a well known oganisation that is an authority on the highest quality  food products and beverages is considered to be  the Oscar of food awards .

The expirience of eating a truly great cheese from the island of Pag i sbrought to you by Gligora Dairy.

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