About us

About us

We thank  you for visiting our new  Croatian webshop.

Every year more and more tourists are interested in Croatias natural and historic heritage and when they leave, they speal of the high quality of gastronomy, food and the natural environment it grows in. Many expiriences like that one gave us an idea to start this project. Hipokras was started in 2018th year with a goal to gather small farms and family buisnesses which produce small amounts of highest quality products in sinergy with nature. They invest daily their knowledge, love, and efforts to take the best from nature and put it in products made in small quantities enabeling you to have a good nutritious meal and to enjoy the best original flavours and aromas. Food is not only to satisfy our need to eat and survive, it plays a vital role in the society and it keeps us strong and healthy - so to say it is important for the body and the soul.
We dont have to look past our sayings to know this is true : " Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food"  and " A wise man chooses a plate with the best food , not the one with the most food ".

When you finish with your gourmet pleasures, we recommend trying to relax with some of our natural cosmetics to treat your body and your spirit.

Croatia produces many high quality natural products which we want to make acessible outside our borders.  We want to bring these products to your doorstep and through them bring back your memmories, let you dive into gourmet adventures of Croatia: the land of tradition, perserved nature, hardworking  people and high qualitiy food.

Enjoy exploring our webshop.

With respect,