Hedonistic events

Hedonistic events

Hedonistic events

25.11.2018. 12:36:20

The point of these hedonistic events is to connect 2  basic human needs - the need to move and the need to eat.
We know that our health and energy deppends on the food we take in meaning that healthy and high quality food  enable us to live healthy and have a high quality of life.  It makes sence but it is not enough , physical activity is also very important to  our well being.

Aware of these facts , Istrian producers decided to organise an event  called TECI ISTI PITI which  gathered tourists, recreational runners and some athletes .

Last  april, the frist part of that event  was held.  A race called RUN 4 HAM or as locals call it ŠPATULA RUN, named after the famous Istrian prosciutto.  The starting point of the race was in Stancija kod Milana in a small town called Vodnjan . The track passes through  3 olive  growes which are bare at that time but the views and the scenic coastline more than make up for it. National Park Brijuni can be seen  from many points along the track which makes it an even more beautifull expirience. The track is 4 kilometers long and just right for 50 enthusiastic runners who stepped up to the challange this year. After the run they were rewarded with  the best  local  foods and beverages , some of which can be found on our Hipokras webshop.

The last vikend of April was perfect for the next part of TECI ISTI PIT which was The SRDELA RUN .
This race had a starting point in Fažana which is know  for its special way of salting the fish. The track stretches along the coastline to let the runners expirience beautifull view points spread out along its sides. After the race the runners were treated to some well prepared fish and aromatic malvasia.

RUN 4 TERAN  was the next part of the event held on the 27th of May with help of a famous Istrian wine maker Bruno Trapan. After facing their challange in the south  of Istria the runners had a chance to try the best wines and local products.

On the first of September the race promoting the craft beer , the least traditional of alcoholic beverages, was held.  CRAFTBEER RUN was also an opening for the Craft beer fair held in Istria, the craft beers are slowly becoming a part of Istrian tradition specialy now when there are over 200  craft beer breweries.

BRODET RUN was held on 30th of September  and the runners were steping up once more. The track circeled the autocamps along the shore and after the fierce competition was great for the apetite which was demonstrated when the runners  were served a local dish - brodet from grouper fish.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL RUN is the last race in the event and it was held on 17th of November and the runners responded from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia of course. After the race runners had a chance to enjoy some local cousine and some of the best olive oils in the world among which  was MELOTO as well . MELOTO is an olive oil producer  of very high qualitiy and we offer it to you through the Hipokras webshop.

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