Rab cake Exelsia 300 g

Rab cake Exelsia 300 g

Manufacturer: Pekarnica slastica VILMA

Product code: 10

27,53 € /pcs

(207,00 kn)

Rab Cake was made as a specialty in many ptrician houses over 300 years ago while the  Republic of Venice was ruling the island of Rab.In the 19th century, besides by local people, it was ordered from and made by a monastry of Saint Antun of Padova and later by a benedictine monastry of Saint Andrija. It was served only on the most important hollydays, weddings, batisings and other important ocasions. It had a round shape and most often it was in baked in "bars" - a special owen. Old grandmothers, who used their magic to combine all the spices and ingredients are fewer in numbers so their recepies are preserved as a valuable piece of tradition on the island of Rab. Special tehniques used to make shortcut apstry and delicious core are the reason why  the Rab Cake is a symbol of island of Rab.

Net weight 300 g
Produced and packed by:Pekarnica slastica Vilma vl.Josip Brna,Banjol 162,Rab
Country of origin: Croatia
Keep in dry and cool place.
Best before:printed on the product.
ingredients: allmond 40%, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, margarin ( partially hydrogenated plant oils, fats 80%, water, emulgators: mono and dyglicerid fat acids, sunflower lecithin, salt, sourness regulator, citric acid, aromas, dyes, beta - carotene), maraschino, lemon and orange crust, plant fats, salt, sorbic acid, water.
Warning for people with alergies: allmonds, eggs, gluten from wheat and possible traces of other nuts

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