Honey mustard 200 g

Honey mustard 200 g

Manufacturer: Sakowski d.o.o.

Product code: 4

10,64 € /pcs

(80,00 kn)

Hand made honey mustard without any perservatives. Mustard existed long before Romans but they are the ones who  made it into what it is today. Consumation of mustard can be traced to the time before oriental spices were introduced in Europe, even before creation of paper for writing. It was first used in medicine and later Romans mixed it with wine or wine must to get a similar texture to todays mustard.Honey mustards brings together the flavours of mustard and honey which makes it special because no other mustard combines hot and sweet flavours. It goes great with white bavarian sausages, nuremberg grilled sausages and many others. Its distinct aromas make every meat dish, salad or soup a delightfull meal.

Net weight 200 g
Produced: Green FRIENDS Sakowski d.o.o.,Hudovo 5, 10347 Rakovec
Country of origin: Croatia
Best before:printed on the product.
After first opening keep in refrigerator for the maximum of 30 days.
Ingredients: white mustard, vinegar, white wine, honey (10%), sugar, onion, brown mustard, spices, garlic, salt.
Nutritional values per 100g: energy 1109kJ/264 kcal, fats 9.18g of which saturated 0.51g, hydricarbons 36.5g of which sugar 29.9g bjelančevine 8.8g, salt 0.36g

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