Sea salt with herbs for salad 170 g

Sea salt with herbs for salad 170 g

Manufacturer: Solana Nin d.o.o.

Product code: 20

9,57 € /pcs

(72,00 kn)

In glass jar, with grinder, iodised,withouth additives,hand-picked natural sea salt,hand harvested natural sea salt with herbal spices for salad. Strengthens the taste of food.

Made by: Solana Nin,Ilirska cesta 7, 23232 Nin, Croatia
Country of origin: Croatia
NET WT 170 g/6,00 oz
Ingredients:mixture of spices in variable proportions-sea salt,oregano,hyme,dill,shallot,lovage,fennel,garlic,persley          NaCl 98,50%,Ca 0,23%,Mg 0,27%,K 0,150%,H2O 0,85%,Other minerals 0,85, lodine (l) 15-23 mg/kg
Best before:printed on the product
Store in a dry place. Our salt contains no additives, therefore clumping may occour. Shake salt before use.

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